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09 March 2006

Workers Of The World... Wait 'Til Later?

Roya Hakakian wonders why the Iranian mullahcracy's brutal crackdown of a Tehran bus worker's strike has gotten so little attention from the international Left. Choice cut (emphasis added):

What did enlightened people do to support the strikers? Very little. Most Iranian intellectuals, former Marxist activists included, were consumed by polite electronic debates over the Dutch cartoons. Hundreds of striking drivers were arrested, as the cameras of the world's biggest news agencies shot images of the couple of dozen government-paid hoodlums throwing rocks at the Danish embassy in Tehran. Wives and children, even distant relatives of the activists, were hauled off into detention to force the union leaders to turn themselves in, as India's Communist Party threatened to leave the ruling coalition in New Delhi if India voted to refer Iran to the Security Council. Clearly, workers of the world ought to postpone uniting until other scores are settled.

The war against terror is, above all, a war of ideas. But if the terrorists' ideas, be they in the form of the 1979 hostage crisis, the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, the nuclear issue or the fury over the depiction of Muhammad, so intensely occupy us -- our headlines and our airwaves -- doesn't geographical territory become irrelevant? Can we still say that the terrorists have not conquered us? Historians agree that the most significant blow to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was delivered by the 1978 strike of the oil workers, which sparked other unions to join, and ultimately brought Iran's economy to a halt. But when the current regime systematically suppresses information, and the free press of the free world cannot be cured of its chronic fetish for uranium, will Iran's movement for democracy have any hope of gathering momentum?

Might it also be that much of the alleged "left" here in the West is so paralyzed by false consciousness that it can't see past Bush and Blair? You be the judge.

Hat tip: Harry's Place.


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