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I'm an old-school liberal, like FDR or, heck, even Trotsky if I'm feeling generous. That is, I recognize a fascist enemy when I see one, and I treat it like an enemy. It's my mission (self-appointed, of course) to convince other Hollywood liberals to do the same.

05 March 2006

More about the name

"Hollywood Jahilliya" should replace "Hollywood Babylon" as the city's pejorative for the 21st Century. As I noted, the Muslim Religious Right has become a bigger threat to liberal culture than its Christian counterpart can ever again be. A change in rhetoric is therefore necessary, and the new name is meant to be a pre-emptive (oops!) ironic embrace of the slur.

The war on "terror" (I prefer "war on fascism") is fundamentally a war about protecting free speech, women's rights, religious tolerance, secular government, gay rights and everything else on the list of Liberal Values. The current U.S. administration may not be entirely qualified to pull this off, but at least they've got their eye on the right ball, and understand that a confrontation with jihadist fascism is inevitable. And therefore, best engaged at the time and place of our choosing, not theirs.

That's why I've linked to The Truman Project. The Democratic Party needs to nominate candidates with its philosophy, because only liberals can understand, let alone have a chance of winning, a war for liberalism at home and abroad.


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