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I'm an old-school liberal, like FDR or, heck, even Trotsky if I'm feeling generous. That is, I recognize a fascist enemy when I see one, and I treat it like an enemy. It's my mission (self-appointed, of course) to convince other Hollywood liberals to do the same.

25 March 2006

False Consciousness Watch: Thankless Pacifists

The Times (UK) reported yesterday that,
(t)he Christian group whose activists were freed in a British-led raid in Baghdad yesterday did not thank their rescuers but instead called on them to withdraw from Iraq.
I'm happy they were rescued, and saddened that one of them was murdered. But I can't help thinking that, like much of the left, they are missing the point. Modern pacifism -- at least, political pacifism -- depends on a moral equivalency between liberal democracies and totalitarian states, between armies who try to avoid civilian casualties and death squads who prefer them. It should be more than intuitively obvious that any such equivalency is hogwash.

I used to think this way. I'm embarrassed by it. I woke up, which is why I have faith that the rest of the left can, too.


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