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11 March 2006

False Consciousness Watch: The Price Of Pacifism

Last year, four members of the anti-war pacifist organization Christian Peacemakers were taken hostage in Iraq. Their kidnappers were unknown Iraqi insurgents. Today, it's been verified that one of them was found dead in Baghdad, with signs he'd been tortured.

I have a lot of respect for honest pacifists. They're decent people, and don't want to see anyone hurt. But too often, their beliefs lead them into a crippling moral equivalency that has little connection to the real world. The U.S., even under neo-conservative rule, is not a terrorist nation, or even a rogue state. It would never do to an innocent peace activist what this man's kidnappers did to him.

Mr. Fox and his fellow Peacemakers went to Iraq in 2002 to oppose the invasion, and seemed, right from the start, to be far more concerned with stopping America's use of force in all circumstances than in opposing Saddam Hussein's far worse fascist regime or in securing justice for its victims. They're also noticeably silent about the vicious brutality of the post-war "resistance" and its death-squads, even as four of their members were kidnapped, tortured and exploited on video by agents of that movement. Now, sadly, one of them has paid the ultimate price for his peace efforts.

This is a direct result of false consciousness. That Mr. Fox was kidnapped and murdered by agents of the "insurgency" and not the big, bad U.S. ought to tell the false Left all it needs to know about the nature of the enemy we face, and the nature of the conflict in which we're engaged. But you wouldn't know it from reading this "petition", which can't even bring itself to acknowledge who the real villains are.

The message is simple: being on the "right" side against American imperialism will not save you. Indeed, it's more, rather than less, likely to make you a target. That's because the real imperialists are on the other side, and they demand nothing less than the subjugation of all infidels. It was enough for them that Mr. Fox was a Christian and a Westerner. That alone was enough to condemn him to a horrid fate of torture and murder; that he was trying to "protect" the Iraqi people from the insurgency's enemies meant nothing to them. Other anti-war activists, put in the same setting, can expect identical treatment.

The more liberal we are, they more they want us dead. The great right-wing threat of our time comes from jihadist fascism, not neo-conservatism; and in opposing it, the United States is on the right side of history, fighting a war for progressive values and liberal civilization. Any liberal or "leftist" who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.


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