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I'm an old-school liberal, like FDR or, heck, even Trotsky if I'm feeling generous. That is, I recognize a fascist enemy when I see one, and I treat it like an enemy. It's my mission (self-appointed, of course) to convince other Hollywood liberals to do the same.

07 March 2006

The Bloody Borders Project

Gates of Vienna: The Bloody Borders Project provides an animation, updated monthly, on the scope and scale of terrorist attacks since 9/11. It's a disurbing reminder of what liberal civilization is up against today, and will be for the foreseeable future.

It's the 1930s on those colored parts of the map, and the death squads of jihadist fascism are on the march all across them. That was true before Dubya became president, and will continue to be long after he's gone. Neo-conservativism may or may not be part of the solution, but it is definitely not part of the problem. When will we get this?


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